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Icc’s operation site management software

You must manage an aggregate quarry or an asphalt and/or concrete plant ? Our solutions are indispensable if you want to optimize the management and performance of your operation sites. ICC’s clientele includes the best-known companies in the industry. Supported by specialized modules, such as weigh stations, customized price lists, automatic billing, truck management and integrated reports, you will quickly recognize that our solutions will clearly speed up your company’s activities.

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    Range Of Activities

    • Sandpit
    • Aggregate quarry
    • Concrete plant
    • Asphalt concrete plant
    • Storage sites


    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Municipal / quebec ministry of transportation (mtq)
    • définissez vos objectif

      Make The Best Decisions At All Times

      The goal is to be forward-looking within one’s industry by offering customers the best quality at the most advantageous cost. We establish a relation of trust with our customers.

    • exécutez efficacement

      Execute With Efficiency

      Capturing data and current engagements directly on the field and rigorous monitoring of costs lets you monitor work progression in real time.

    • devenez proactifs

      Become proactive

      Promptly react to predetermined projections throughout your projects’ realization phases and maintain full control over anticipated results.

    Our Solution Detail

    Our solutions integrate all aspects of your enterprise by proposing incomparable management tools to manage your projects and enhance your operational performance. Consult the various modules and see how you can achieve full productivity and, most of all, improve your profitability.

    • Weigh Stations

      Our weigh stations are modern and automated in orderto speed up in-and-out operations at the sites. Ticket capture is done locallyfirst, and then transferred to headquarters for billing.

    • Ticket Billing

      Invoice generation is supported by atable regrouping all the tickets captured per customer in order to generateinvoices according to pre-established price agreements. Efficiency is the order of the day.

    • Orders and Price Lists

      Do you establish agreements with your customers? If so, see how you can manage them: either by the creation of orders regrouping specific products with negotiated prices and volumes or by customizing price lists with payment deadlines.

    • Trucker Management

      Transportation cost determination is automated with the help of integrated calculation tables that provide, by trucker, rates per fixed tonnage, per zone, per kilometer, per hour and per trip.

    • Trucker Invoices

      Trucker invoice entry is accelerated by tools that electronically forward all tickets concerned per invoice, including those captured directly on the field.

    • Project Accounting

      With the accounting module, all daily activities are unified, thereby expediting information processing, ensuring data integrity and eliminating duplicate work.

    Support plan

    Your organization is important to us and we clearly want to protect your investment. We offer comprehensive support plans that ensure regular updates and superior added value for your software.

    • Flexibility

      A team of professionals available to hear you out and perfectly adjust applications to your company’s reality... That’s the ICC team! We have people who know your industry and who can show you different options to find the best solution for you!!

    • We listen

      There will always be someone to answer your calls; no call is automatically forwarded to a voicemail of any sort. If you need help, a team of professionals, highly qualified in your area of business, will be able to answer your questions.

    • Training

      Our training team is entirely dedicated to your success; we respect your company’s heritage and suggest new functionalities to further enhance your operations.

    • cloud


      You’ll find applications on the cloud, whether for a single module or for your organization’s global application

    • crm


      Information at the tip of your fingers whenever you need it... That’s what we can offer you, whether to better serve your customers or to better analyze your enterprise and make the best possible decisions.

    • mobilité


      Your data or applications are accessible at all times, whether on tablets, cell phones or computers. That’s what we can provide with our applications.

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