ICC’s Distribution Solution

ICC’s distribution solution offers great opportunities that will take you to new frontiers. See how the management of your orders, your replenishing cycle, your warehouses and your dashboard can make a real difference in your company’s performance.

With over 3 decades of knowledge in your industry, we can become a true business partner with an ultimate goal: help you seriously enhance your progression.

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    Business Sectors

    • Construction Material

      The management of materials purchased and sold must respond to various industry-specific characteristics, such as, for example, multiple units of measure, formats, etc.

    • Imported Product Lines

      Inventory management is particularly adapted to imported products, with electronic exchange of information, including new lines, obsolete products, etc.

    • Personal Care

      If your business proposes a line of personal care products, such as, for example, beauty products, body care, perfumes and gifts, you will see how our solutions can really help you optimize your operations and enhance your sales cycle.

    • Industrial Products

      As a distributor of industrial products, like tools, abrasives, instruments, parts for equipment control and air handling and many other specialty products, you will see how our solutions specifically address your industry.

    • Stats

      Serving Your Customers With Great Efficiency

      You will establish a relationship of trust with your customers supported by management tools perfectly adapted to your operations. All of your processes will be unified, improving performance and timeliness.

    • Flexibility

      Flexibility To Speed Up Processes

      Your company has its own identity and unique rules of business, providing you with a competitive advantage. Our solutions will adjust to your reality in order to take advantage of this specificity.

    • Mobilite

      No Limit To Your Growth

      Our solutions efficiently respond to your new business strategies by adapting to your company’s evolving needs. With our quick-to-implement and easy-to-deploy solutions, managing your growth is simple.

    Our Solution Details

    Our solutions integrate all aspects of your enterprise by proposing incomparable management tools to manage your projects and enhance your operational performance. Consult the various modules and see how you can achieve full productivity and, most of all, improve your profitability.

    • Financial

      The flexibility of the financial structure will provide you with precise and rigorous results, in real time, for your multiple companies, divisions, activities and currencies.

    • Sales/Shipping

      You must imperatively give your customers the best possible experience if you want them to remain loyal towards your company. Rapid access to critical information ensures enhanced sales cycle performance.

    • Inventory

      Ensure maximum availability of your stocks by managing requests with powerful analysis tools and performance indicators. Manage upstream or downstream status of quantities by warehouse, by lot and/or by serial number.

    • Purchasing (Replenishment)

      The procurement cycle becomes completely integrated, starting with price requests, automated replenishment, price importation and purchase order monitoring, right up to purchaser approval.

    • Warehouse management

      Rigorous management of your warehouses undoubtedly ensures enhanced service for your customers as reception and shipping are optimized, as well as tracking of multi-location stock movement in real time.

    • Communication / Collaboration

      Electronic exchange of critical information speeds up many processes, including purchase-price lists, EDI transfers, and transmission and customization of documents by various media.

    • Transactional Website (B2B)

      We offer connectivity tools for your website to make it transactional in real time. Consultation of products, prices, promotions or availability and placement of orders are integrated and orders are automatically forwarded to the designated shipping centre.

    • Statistics and Business Intelligence (BI)

      Make the right decisions, quickly and with confidence. Real-time data analyses, result customization, performance indices, as well as integrated drill downs, add to the wealth of extractions.

    • Truck Management

      Truck inventories can be optimally maintained by the rigorous management of daily activities, including the use, addition, replacement and transfer of parts per truck. You will be able to quickly see the distribution of parts throughout your truck fleet.

    Support plan

    Your organization is important to us and we clearly want to protect your investment. We offer comprehensive support plans that ensure regular updates and superior added value for your software.

    • Support

      User acceptance is crucial for the successful implementation of any solution. Office users, as well as those directly on the field, must quickly adopt the new procedures in a manner that reduces resistance to change.

    • We listen

      There will always be someone to answer your calls; no call is automatically forwarded to a voicemail of any sort. If you need help, a team of professionals, highly qualified in your area of business, will be able to answer your questions.

    • Training

      Our training team is entirely dedicated to your success; we respect your company’s heritage and suggest new functionalities to further enhance your operations.

    • Cloud


      You’ll find applications on the cloud, whether for a single module or for your organization’s global application.

    • CRM


      Information at the tip of your fingers whenever you need it... That’s what we can offer you, whether to better serve your customers or to better analyze your enterprise and make the best possible decisions.

    • Mobilite


      Your data or applications are accessible at all times, whether on tablets, cell phones or computers. That’s what we can provide with our applications.

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