Why ICC?

High-end ERP software that sets itself apart with its constant modernism, technological excellence and taste for innovation, ICC strives to achieve excellence, reliability and stability in all of its products. In our ongoing effort to help you make the right choice, purchase and installation of our software, we do everything in our power to offer you a personalized service. We consequently present you with highly-specialized solutions that are specifically integrated to your business sector, so that you can achieve the best possible return from your business processes.


[referencement_img_alt] Surpass the limitations of your current software

Choosing management software is not an easy task. We believe that the solution of choice for your company is the one that will have the greatest impact, in other words, the one that will optimize operations, and improve profitability, as well as enhance employee experience in the execution of their daily activities. Your enterprise will imperatively come out on top.

[referencement_img_alt] You need powerful management tools?

We have the tools you need to improve daily activities and dramatically reduce repetitive tasks. You can consult critical information when needed, in real time, without having to wait. Our specialized solutions are particularly well adapted to company growth, giving you a competitive edge.

[referencement_img_alt] Over 39 years of knowledge and passion

We have mastered the activities generated by your enterprise: your operations, the challenges you face and the people who work to resolve them. Our solutions are designed with the collaboration of major companies in your field. The results are more convincing and the impact upon daily activities, immediate.

[referencement_img_alt] Completely dedicated to your success

Our teams of highly qualified professionals and our partners, who are renowned in your field, enable us to offer all specialty companies looking to achieve optimal productivity and control a vital asset. Our powerful applications are continually inspired par tens of thousands of users who call for tools that generate profits and better returns for their business.

[referencement_img_alt] We are already addressing your specificities

Designed in partnership with major companies in your business sector, our solutions give you access to above-standard management tools. Offer yourself a solution that has the necessary depth to perfectly target the information you need and allow you to make quick, informed decisions.

[referencement_img_alt] Create your own work space

You want to see and have priority access to what you use most often? You would like to create a table presenting important statistics under surveillance? And why not change the look and content of research tables? Our solutions are designed to respond to your priorities, so you can customize your environment according to your criteria.

[referencement_img_alt] Explore with greater efficiency

With our integrated indexing technology, if you look for something, you will find it. In fact, you can trigger searches at strategic locations of your choice and consult the information without leaving your current workspace.

[referencement_img_alt] Several levels of security for better control

Access to critical information is often subject to restrictive measures. Besides securing access to companies and divisions, you can apply several points of control and restrictions perfectly adapted to each user’s working requirements.

[referencement_img_alt] Extract and present information according to your criteria

Extraction of data is crucial and becomes a fundamental element in the choice of a management solution. You will be amazed to see how, with our solutions, you can manipulate information directly, in real time, according to your formats (including columns, grouping and sorting), and build dashboards and presentations tailored to your needs.

[referencement_img_alt] BI within reach

Why not add a form of business intelligence to the information you are going to extract? All analysis and research tables offer tools that filter required information according to precise conditions. This lets you further target access to data and hence obtain the information that will help you make better decisions.

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