ICC group

A Range Of Specialized Software And Services

ICC GROUP is a provider of innovative business software, designed to address unique operational needs in the following business sectors: construction, distribution, retail and printing. We also offer specialized services, such as server, virtualisation and cloud infrastructure rollouts, as well as the creation of social and corporate strategy websites.

Backed by 38 years of expertise, doing business with us represents a real benefit, aimed mainly at significantly increasing company performance and growth.

ICC Technologies designs ERP software for small and medium-sized businesses. Your strategic initiatives will finally be supported by software perfectly adapted to your reality, offering the flexibility and performance needed to maximize your operations. No matter what your business sector – construction, distribution, sales and services – ICC can provide you with the key to better performance and accelerated growth.


3770, Jean Marchand street
Québec (Quebec) G2C 1Y6
Tel. : (418) 628-2100
Fax : (418) 628-4097


212 Curé-Labelle Boulevard, Suite 101
Sainte-Therese (Quebec) J7E 2X7
Tel. : 1-800 267-7220
Fax : (450) 682-3349