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The versions
Release Notes 8.4
Update the member card information in the customer file from the cash, when in SC mode (Service Counter)
Ability to apply daily promotions on specific types of member cards at the cash
Import an XML file from 'Paradigm' into a sales order detail at the service counter (SC)
Import a list of products from an Excel file, into a sales order
New application: Cutting counter (for fabric or materials) with a printed slip to recall at the cash station.
Security by salesperson at the service counter and customer inquiry, according to the salesperson's user settings
In the order module, add a function to transfer undelivered items from an order to a new current order by group orders

Added fields for loyalty points in the customer inquiry and when printing the sales invoice
Added fields in the sales report subledger loyalty points summary
New application for annual review of points cards - member types based on member's annual purchases
Automatic issuing of credits in the customer's account for WEB orders

Statistics report, added fields in section VT_BASE, of internal member cards
Statistics report, added columns and filters for the division code and description of the invoiced and delivered customer

Conversion of the purchase order application with the 'Metro' interface
From a purchase price list, possibility to do mass creation of product for a given vendor and addition of volume column groups
Release Notes 8.3

Logos updated from ICC Technologies to ACCEO Solutions 
Added security in the document management module
Multi-level search
New web application E-Approval to approve request by email and/or text(SMS)
•       Added new field (Additional fields) in the search maintenance, the import text and in the DB management table
Added a new tab 'Divisions' in the Document update (Customer) application
Report generation (other reports), always have the same name of the report sent in .pdf for subscriptions 
Microsoft 365 change, import Excel file into sales and purchase price list

Added rule to not do inter-division automatically in journal entry
The report Chart of accounts with subaccounts have been converted from report to report builder 

Import products from a purchase order into the Label printing application
Increase the number of characters for some fields in the Inventory item web description
Block incoming receipts of an inter-warehouse transfer, if the destination warehouse is not in the current division
Accounting of inventory adjustment by reason code rather than the major product category
Ability to modify web classifications on the Inventory item in bulk
Added new product inquiry fields in the mobile module
In Products by lot ability to enter a note for each lot in the receipts and summary production  
It is also possible to add an attachment in the Document management module to the lot
Ability to change the status of a warehouse
Added a default warehouse by division in the Inventory location tab, to invoice the correct warehouse at the Service counter

Generation of accumulated picking and pickup labels   
Prevent zero quantities from being entered at the POS
Service counter - Possibility to display or not the window at the end of the transaction
Allow to modify various information in the Sales invoices application
Various improvements in the Service Counter application
Ability to calculate the fuel surcharge on the subtotal of the transaction, without freight
Added customer's 'PO no' on the invoice, for a released on hold invoice 
Ability to use the cost of a specific division for a price list with inventory cost margin
Freight charges apply to the first shipment of the day only
Added fields on the sales reports and other reports
Ability to account a different COG sold by division depending on the customer used in the transaction
Option at the product entry to keep the backorder
Integration of 'DataCandy' gift cards at the POS
Rounding of sales prices on one or more sales price lists
Sales Orders - Consider Multiples and minimums to order listed in the Inventory item at the sales level
Enable serial number management in the Service Counter detail line
Added a subtab for equivalent products in the product detail tab at the Service counter SC  

Ability to manage the permitted divisions for each customer
Ability to produce a list of customer deposits
Customer inquiry - interface migration
Customer inquiry - new web order history tab
Ability to output to Excel format an Accounts receivable aging summary

Replenishment: for internal purchases, do not exceed the quantity available in the warehouse
Function to recall a pre-receiving in a receipt - add 'vendor product number' field
Replenishment: add ABC classification columns in the product details tab
Allow to set a payment term for sales, purchases or both
For the purchase term, it is possible to enter a fixed payment date
Replenishment: group the analyzed result of the products of each warehouse on a single line

Vendor inquiry - provision tab, indicate the description of the journal entry
Vendor inquiry - interface migration
Fund requisition report - add 'payment withheld' column

Create a new field in the vendor maintenance to indicate a master vendor number, 
and add this field in the statistics under the definition 'VT-ANPFTF

Government tax rate changes for the year 2021
T4 and RL-1 changes for the year 2020 
(T4: 4 new mandatory boxes)

Notes de version 8.2
Mise à jour des Documents - ajouter un nouvel onglet division
CRM -web
Gestion Documentaire
Nouvelle recherche à multi-niveaux

Importation de plusieurs écritures de journal avec des dates différentes

Ajouter la possibilité d’imprimer des étiquettes fournisseurs dans l’application
‘Impression des étiquettes’
Génération d’un Transfert inter-entrepôt en mode réception à partir d'une réception
Réception sur le Terminal Portable, ajout du numéro de produit fournisseur priorité 1
Importation Transfert Inter-Entrepôt, valider la quantité disponible
Plusieurs usagers dans un même transfert inter-entrepôt
Interrogation de produit dans Terminal Portable, possibilité de choix d'affichage
par usager
Transfert inter entrepôt - vérification dans Terminal Portable
Nouveau rapport de vente - Analyse des stocks
Localisation extérieure prioritaire et détruire localisation inactive dans le produit
Importation des Min/Max dans les produits et champs divers 1 à 6

Programme d'achat Commandes multiples, ajouter les produits options
Intégration des cartes fidélités ‘DataCandy’
Intégration de la nouvelle interface à l’application Comptoir de Service
Impression du bon de livraison en ordre alphanumérique de code produit (VEN_ComLiv)
Possibilité de libérer des BO sans livrer toute la commande
Rapport des points accumulés pour les cartes fidélités
Expédition, conserver les paramètres par usager
Importation de fichier ‘Carpet Estimating’, ajouts de règles de prix
Nouveau rapport de vente pour lister les estimés transférés en commande de vente
Réclamation aux fournisseurs
Permettre de changer la date de facture au niveau du comptoir de service
Prise de paiement par carte de crédit avant la livraison de la marchandise
Génération des commandes au bureau chef - Transfert des notes de lignes
Empêcher de transformer une commande de vente en estimé
Annulation des commandes de vente en BO en lot
Rapport de Projection des Ventes
Ajouter un sous-total livrable dans l'onglet détail de la commande vente (VEN_ComLiv)

Lettre de rappel pour les comptes à recevoir
Caisses recettes possibilité de tri et filtre dans l’onglet détail
Gestion des cartes fidélités multiples

Refacturation de l’inventaire aux magasins (spécifique)
Forcer un entrepôt de destination dans un profil achat
Personnalisation de la grille de détail pour les listes prix achat
Transfert en batch vers Solo EDI à partir des réquisitions
Envoi par le Centre de Distribution, ajouter une page couverture

Impression de chèque, avoir une deuxième copie sur papier blanc
Envoie de fichier de Métadonnées pour les chèques fournisseurs

Ajouter une fonction pour forcer l’impression d'un devis de contrat à l'enregistrement du contrat
Décompte Client, ajouter le champ ‘source de vente’
Demander un mot de passe pour modifier un devis, si le décompte est créé
Améliorations diverses aux contrats

Communications (EDI)
Traitement des factures de ventes de ‘MaitreD’ dans Ogays